Bong Sau and Tan Sau notes

The wrist is on the centre line and when turning from bong sau to tan sau (as in the 3rd section of siu nim tao) the wrist should stay in the same place. Tan Sau stays roughly a fist and thumb distance away from the body with the elbow in line with the hip. Both bong sau and tan sau can be higher or lower depending on the height of your partner (tan sau should point roughly at your partner’s throat/chin as you can strike more efficiently from that position).

Bong sau is not necesarily a deflective technique (is it a deflective technique at all?) but is used to gain information. Once you’ve turned out of the way of the strike bong sau is put into place to tell where your opponent’s arm/elbow is and then you can countermove from there. From when you are in the basic stance bong sau moves through the centreline and then “corkscrews” up into position at the last moment to avoid clashing.



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