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La La La Human Steps

February 10, 2008

Last Tuesday, on the recommendation of a friend, we went to see the dance company La La La Human Steps at the Hippodrome. The production was called Amjad and though I don’t pretend to entirely understand the concept behind it (partly because I was too mean to buy a programme) it did seem to have a Swan Lake theme with the music sounding reminiscent of it in places.

La La La Human Steps

I’ve seen Swan Lake but this was a modern piece and incorporated more acrobatic movements. All the dancers, male and female, looked very muscular and there was an interesting mixture of body types and heights (unlike the few classical ballets I’ve seen the dancers varied in height from quite short to very tall). It was impressive to see the skill and athleticism of some of the moves. At a couple of points, when the male dancers were on stage, one of them looked as if he were doing a pirouette, but horizontally in the air! (Apparently this is the barrel move and it’s certainly impressive to watch simply for the skill and sheer physical courage that it must involve). All the dancers seemed to have superb control where every gesture from posture to fingertips seemed to have meaning.

The music was quite mournful and was played live by a group of four musicians (grand piano, cello and two violins). There was good use of lighting (rather cold lighting) which seemed to catch the movements of the dancers very well (at first I thought the dancers had finger extensions as their swan like gestures were so graceful, but I think that this was the light emphasising the hand movements).

The piece was long – it started at 7.30 pm and continued until 9.15 pm with no interval and yet I didn’t get bored or restless.

I felt that the audience was unusual for a ballet in that it consisted of a good mixture of ages; along with well heeled retired people who, I imagine, have the time and money to attend ballets, there were people our age as well as a lot of youngsters cheering and whistling loudly at the end which made me feel I must be attending something cool 🙂