Bong Sau notes

When I asked here “is Bong Sau a deflective technique” well the answer is no, apparently. Bong Sau is certainly not a block, but neither is it a deflection; it is used purely for sensing where your opponent’s arm is and once you have made contact, and have that information, then the technique has fulfilled its purpose. One of the Sifus tonight gave us a demonstration to show that you could hardly see the technique when he applied it. As soon as he made contact and knew where the strike was coming from then, quick as lightening, he went into another technique to deal with the strike.

When practising the bong lap drill tonight my partner and I slowed it down considerably which I found very useful. Fast drilling of the techniques is rewarding and afterwards you feel as if you’ve had a good work out, but as we’re learning we also need to slow down and think about what we’re doing. My training partner gave the useful analogy of learning to write; when you learn to write as a child you start very slowly but as an adult you can dash off your signature in no time. I suppose Wing Chun is similar to any other manual skill, such as carpentry or bricklaying, in that you need to start slowly but you’ll get faster as you progress to master craftsman stage, i.e., Bruce Lee 🙂


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